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Firefly BakeScan TM SystemDesigned to detect and extinguish glowing pieces and flames in transportation bands of baked product processes, including biscuits, tortillas, baked crisps and cereals.  Firefly’s BakeScan™ system from Orthos, detects glowing pieces or flames at the very low speed associated with baked food production.  The BakeScan™ system prevents damage to the cooling and transportation bands which can cost tens of thousands of pounds to replace.  An added advantage of the BakeScan™ system, is that the process can continue without warping the belt or creating risks to hygiene.  BakeScan™ also prevents fires in the downstream production process.

BakeScan™ offers flexible extinguishing systems including water mist under different volumes according to the process and adaptable to material volumes and process characteristics.

The cost of a typical Firefly BakeScan™ system is less than that of a new cooling or transportation band!

The Firefly OvenGuard™ solution from Orthos is designed for early detection and suppression of fires in the oven, at both the oven outlet and the exhaust ducts. This by using a fully automatic high speed detection and suppression system. The system is extremely fast and may be tailored to provide optimal safety against fire with minimal effect on machinery or production.

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