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Celsius screw heat exchangerIf you are you seeking a continuous method of heating or cooling powders or granules, then a brand new product to Orthos – and the UK – might be of interest: the °Celsius screw heat exchanger.

Heat transfer takes place via screw shaft, jacket, flights or a combination of all.  Available in a range of versions to suit any application, the °Celsius machine may have single or twin screws running in a trough or tube style housing, fabricated in mild or stainless steel.

Cooling can be done indirectly to a product temperature of -25°C, or with direct cooling -196°C.

Heating can be done indirectly with water (up to 160°C), thermal oil (up to 300°C) and steam (up to 200°C).

Typical applications: Cooling cocoa press cake, defrosting fruit berries, heating calcium carbonate, drying egg shells, cooling starch powder.

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