Conveyor belt samplers are automatically versatile

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Conveyor belt samplers are automatically versatile

Sentry model DS-3 cross belt samplerAutomatic single-point, strip and cross-cut conveyor belt samplers in the Gustafson range are now available in the UK from Orthos, providing an extended series of dry material process samplers and related equipment for the widest range of applications.

This follows the acquisition of Gustafson Inc from Bayer CropScience by Sentry Equipment, the US process sampling specialist represented in Britain by Orthos, and the full integration of the new range with its IsolokĀ® and DS-3 conveyor belt samplers.

Single point samplers in the range work at a fixed point in the product flow while the strip samplers effectively remove a strip of material from the product stream and cross-cut samplers take a sample from the complete cross-section of the product flow. The DS-3 sampler takes a product sample from a moving belt conveyor.

Suitable for use with both free and non-free flowing pellets, flakes, granules, grain, seed and powders, the samplers can be installed in screw, drag and pneumatic conveyors, gravity chutes and hoppers, bins, at the ends of conveyor belts and in fluid bed dryers. Most units are designed to capture a fixed volume of material.

Special models, including the Isolok Series, are particularly suitable for friable materials, food and pharmaceutical products. The strip samplers are mainly used in gravity applications such as chutes, hoppers, bins, air slides, mixers and blenders while the cross-cut samplers are ideal for use in vertical spouts and chutes.

Various materials of construction and the sealing mechanisms are offered, enabling the samplers to match an exceptionally wide range of operating conditions and products.

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