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Alexanderwerk grater shredderPrimarily used in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food industries, these machines are generally used for cutting, loosening, granulating and size reduction of dry or moist products. The grain size and shape of the final product can be determined through a choice of cylinders with different holes and tooth shapes.  Five machine sizes from laboratory size up to large production size are available from Orthos, so whatever your need, whether it’s new product development, pilot scale, or large-scale production, you can find it at Orthos.

Alexanderwerk grater shredder cylinder and wing partsThe geometry of the cutting teeth formed in the cylinder wall determines the geometry of the final product.  A carrier wing rotates inside the cylinder, forcing the raw material against the cutting knives of the cylinder.  The
material is thus crushed, and the final product exits the cylinder via the perforations and falls to the outside.

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