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Alexanderwerk pharma roller compactorsFor the production of solid oral dosage forms most fine pharmaceutical compounds require granulation to improve their flowability and processing properties prior to tabletting.  There are two types of granulation process, wet granulation and roller compaction (dry granulation).  An obvious advantage of roll compaction is that no moisture is involved in the process therefore it is ideal to process compounds that are physically or chemically unstable when exposed to moisture.  (Furthermore it’s not necessary to dry the granules produced and hence typically more energy efficient).

Orthos’ principal, Alexanderwerk, specialise in cGMP cantilever design roller compactors from the “MicroDyne” equipped BT120 laboratory bench top unit (gram batch) and floor-standing WP120 for new drug development, up to the WP150 and WP200 for mid and large scale production. Full validation documentation IQ/OQ, FAT/SAT is available. Whatever your need, whether it’s new product development, pilot scale, or large-scale production, you can find it at Orthos.

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