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Sixty years and counting…

Title image for Orthos 60th post2016 marks Orthos Engineering’s sixtieth anniversary as a limited company and, contrary to the common expectation that, in sixty years of business, a lot must have changed – actually not much has.

Except for rationalised staff levels matched to UK manufacturing output, and that Orthos recently entered a third phase in ownership, it’s quite true, not much has changed.  The basis of our existence remains that of manufacturer’s agent i.e. fulfilling the role of sales & service representative for our overseas partners.  And, though our range of products has developed along the way, the main thrust of our activity stays rooted in bulks solids processing.  That said, during the nineties and early noughties Orthos was pretty well known for liquids processing too.

As described elsewhere About Orthos, it may surprise you that we retain two of our original partners.  Subsequent relationships came about through mergers & acquisitions or (more flatteringly) word of mouth referrals.  Initial involvement in mixing and granulation developed into thermal process, spark detection, screening, and most recently laboratory sample preparation.  Back in the day it was mainly about refractories and ceramics, lately it’s more about building materials and waste recycling.

While the world of consumer buying has wholeheartedly embraced internet shopping, the same is not necessarily true of industrial equipment sold business to business.  As most will testify, not everything can be handled with an online order form and a list of FAQs.  Sometimes it’s better to talk and, as often as necessary, to do so face-to-face is even better.  So we are proud to continue providing that personal touch, reassuring our clients they’ve identified the correct spare part, or getting accurate advice about their machine.  And for prospective customers we’re here to talk about fundamentals of their process improvement, or fire protection needs.  Locally.  It’s what we do.

So what of the future?  Well probably more of the above, though nothing stays the same forever…

Andrew Reynolds
Managing Director

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