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EIRICH pixing principle explainedThe Eirich mixing system comprises just 3 components, each of which can be varied with great flexibility when designing a mixing process:

  1. The rotating mixing pan, which conveys the mixture into the mixing zone (blue arrow)
  2. One or more mixing tools, eccentrically arranged. Their direction of rotation and speed can be adjusted to different applications (red arrow)
  3. The bottom/wall scraper, provides additional agitation. It prevents material build-up on the pan wall and bottom, and facilitates emptying when the mixing cycle is complete (yellow arrows)

By separating the process elements of material transportation (rotating pan) and mixing (rotating tool), it is possible to vary the power input into the mixture. The mixing tool(s) may be run at variable speeds – from fast to slow, thus allowing the power input into the mixture (kWh/t) to be adapted to the specific product. It also enables “hybrid” mixing processes, such as slow – fast – slow e.g. for granulation.

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