SAK – gravity discharge design enables reliable sample collection

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Sentry sampler SAK
The Sentry ISOLOK® Series SAK Bulk Solids Sampler provides a simple, reliable means of collecting representative samples of flowable powders, flakes or granules.  Materials such as salt, cement, fertilizer, alumina, gypsum, and food products are sampled from process streams at atmospheric pressure.  An auxiliary top body port enables air ejection of non-free-flowing materials.  An air cylinder extends a single plunger into the process material, then immediately withdraws, carrying a fixed amount of sample trapped in an annular ring between plunger seals.  Process or flow ports are always closed, preventing leaks or product loss.  There are no tubes or passages to become clogged.  The gravity-discharged sample is transferred directly to a closed container.  Sample integrity is maintained while contamination of personnel or facility is eliminated.

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