How does a Fluid Bed Dryer work?

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Tema Process Fluid Bed Dryer SchematicMoist material is fed onto a shaking perforated steel bed through which the drying air flows.  The air is of sufficient volume that it lifts, or ‘fluidises’, the bed of material allowing intimate contact with each particle.  The shaking action of the bed assists in the transportation of the material over the length of the dryer.  Moisture is carried away by the air into a dust recovery system, whereby the hot air can be recycled in a closed loop back to the process.  The flow of air is controlled along the length of the dryer to maximise fluidisation, enabling very wet and sticky materials to be handled.  As the material passes along the dryer it gradually loses moisture until the target dryness is achieved, at which point it passes into a cooling zone.  Here the hot air is replaced by cool ambient air, which reduces the product temperature to the desired figure.

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