Allgaier Multibalance: Optimised Balancing Concept for Tumbler Screens

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Allgaier MultibalanceWith their newly developed multi-dimensional electronic balancing system “MultiBalance”, our principals Allgaier, have optimised the vibration characteristics of their tumbler screening machines even further.  This new system makes it possible to eliminate the imbalance of the tangential component.  (Measurements have shown that they can be reduced by up to 80%)

This is particularly important in cases where the resonant frequency of the building lies close to the frequency of the tumbler screen.  In such cases, “MultiBalance” prevents undesirable and damaging resonance effects.

Allgaier TSM in steel constructionWith immediate effect, all new Allgaier tumbler screening machines >1600 mm come with “MultiBalance” as standard, and shall be factory balanced on a special test rig and thus optimally adjusted for most applications.

For particularly difficult duties, frequently changing feed rates, product compositions and speeds, Allgaier can balance your tumbler screens on-site.  In cases where several tumbler screening machines are installed on a single floor of a building, resulting in superimposed vibrations, the proven Allgaier screening-machine synchronisation can also be employed.

Allgaier Screens General Information

Orthos can arrange for Allgaier to retro-fit your existing tumbler screens with the “MultiBalance” system, call us to discuss your needs

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