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Allgaier tumbler screenAllgaier’s tumbler screen is a highly efficient grading system intended for powders, granules and bulk goods of small particle size.  Even products which are difficult to screen can be separated precisely with an Allgaier tumbler screen (TSM).

The TSM is distinguished by the low acceleration and long residence time applied to the product whilst on the sieve mesh.  Because of this the TSM handles your product with care, avoiding the generation of dusty fines.

Are you screening very fine powders?  In cases where mesh blinding may occur, Allgaier can offer a variety of cleaning methods such as bouncing balls, ultrasonics, brushes and air-systems.

Allgaier’s “Ratex” adjustment system means the TSM setup may be fine tuned to specific products and then re-tuned should the product characteristics change.  The TSM’s circular screening assembly is subjected to three-dimensional oscillation.  Horizontal gyratory movement is superimposed by a vertical motion, resulting in a tumbling action determined by multiple parameters.  Radial inclination determines the flow rate of the material from the centre to the edge.  Tangential inclination controls your product’s speed of travel over the screen.  The interaction of radial and tangential inclination produces the spiral movement of the material (as shown below)

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