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Netzsch-Condux Information

Important News from OrthosFor strategic reasons, from 1st October 2011, Netzsch-Condux GmbH will revert to covering the UK market through Netzsch Mastermix Ltd (Tel: 01543 418938

Responding to the decision Andrew Reynolds (Sales Manager of Orthos)¬†commented “it’s a shame Netzsch-Condux have decided to go back to their previous arrangement, but in a tough market like the UK where they have several strong competitors, perhaps it was a challenge too great for Orthos to overcome“.

Far from being downbeat, Reynolds added “This change of approach by Netzsch only goes to benefit Orthos’ remaining principals because we’ve redeployed the sales resource into certain other areas of process equipment we represent, such as screw heat exchangers and vibrating screens.

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