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Fire is costing you a lot of moneyMany areas of a tissue mill are exposed to an accumulation of dry, highly inflammable cellulose dust and fibre.  The smallest outbreak of fire is extremely dangerous and can possibly spread throughout the entire mill.  Small fires, for example at the Doctor Blade, can occur frequently and cause production downtime.  If you calculate the amount of hours your production is stopped due to fire related problems, you will most likely find that fire in general is costing you a lot of money!

For over 15 years, Firefly has specialised in creating tailor-made solutions for the tissue industry.  Their staff have vast experience in the tissue industry and the highest technical skills necessary to design a safe fire prevention solution for your tissue mill.  We believe that you can, with a small investment, generate large payoff.

Together with Firefly Tissue Solutions® Orthos offer protection of both the tissue machine and the converting process:

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