Firefly Doctor Blade ProtectionA smouldering fire due to friction or sparks generated at the Doctor Blade is very common.  This can be spread in the dusty area around about.  Even small fires can cause costly downtime.

The area around the Yankee Hood and Doctor Blade contains many light disturbances that can affect conventional flame detectors. Firefly’s unique OAD (Open Area Detector) is a two-channel UV/IR detector, used for flame detection around the Doctor Blade and Yankee Hood.  By combining IR and the UV wavelength, the detector will efficiently recognise flames but discriminate other energy sources such as lamps, sunlight and even arc welding.  Firefly’s Yankee Hood & Doctor Blade protection consists of extremely quick flame detection in combination with water mist extinguishing.  Simultaneously, the mill’s operators are given an alarm of the situation.
Firefly detectors are not daylight sensitive

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